Geological data
management services

Rock-solid data, insights and decisions.

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Geological data services

Database Support

From development, integration and maintenance, to data preparation, loading, manipulation, validation, reporting and exporting.

Database Hosting

Tailored hosting solutions, including data preparation, loading, manipulation, validation, reporting and exporting your data..

Rock Solid geological data management consultants in discussion in boardroom
Principal geological data consultant Moses Matema and staff member.

Database Consulting

System reviews, design, development, integration and implementation. Data compilations and migrations and database audits.

Training & Coaching

Custom training, coaching and mentoring to help data managers and geological staff understand, capture and manage data more effectively.

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Why Rock Solid?

We understand exploration and mining.

We understand the geology. The data. The time and cost pressures. And we know how to host, manage, validate and extract maximum value from your data, creating a rock-solid single source of truth.

Together, we can open up a world of business-critical insights so you can make smarter strategic and operational decisions. More quickly. More confidently.