Database Consulting

System reviews, design, development, integration and implementation. Data compilations and migrations and database audits.

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Geological Database

Agile and progressive solutions are needed to take advantage of the rapid technology advancement.

Through working with our database consultants, we can help you:

  • design, develop and implement tables,
  • integrate tables, views, functions and stored procedures,
  • manage database applications
  • manage database data and schemas
  • conduct data flow audits
  • and much more!

Project acquisition and generative activities means data compilation are a recurring theme in geological data management. Our expert team of data managers will effectively compile your data for you.

Whether you’re downsizing, growing or just looking for data management system change, our team will meticulously and seamlessly migrate your data from one data management system to the next.

Why work with Rock Solid consultants?

Keep projects moving

Free up in-house resources so your people can work on their daily tasks effectively and efficiently

Gain valuable insights

A fresh look at your data will provide a different perspective, adding value to the data management process

Data Confidence

Regular health checks provide a snapshot and establish a baseline for remediation. You can count on the numbers.

Rock Solid geological database consulting with clients via video call.

Geological database consulting FAQ’s

System reviews usually derive from an existing issue, i.e. you are unhappy with the performance or functionality, or there is new technology available that you would like to take advantage of.

If you are actively sampling or drilling every year then an annual data audit is appropriate.

Compilations and migrations increase the workload of your data managers, affecting their performance and efficiency.

Geological data services

Database support, database hosting, consulting, training and coaching. Our people talk the same language as your people.

Geological data tools

DMPReporter, Sample Dispatch and Data Validation tools. Designed for maximum accuracy and maximum efficiency.

Why Rock Solid?

We understand exploration and mining.

We understand the geology. The data. The time and cost pressures. And we know how to host, manage, validate and extract maximum value from your data, creating a rock-solid single source of truth.

Together, we can open up a world of business-critical insights so you can make smarter strategic and operational decisions. More quickly. More confidently.