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Apply custom validation rules across domains and ensure all your data is 100% validated.

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Data Validation

Business logic is not always easy to build into a data model and can vary significantly from one company to another.

Our Data Validation Tool allows geologists to apply additional validation to their data across tables and for advance criteria.

Validation criteria are created and packaged before being applied to specific drill-holes.

Based on the validation results, the tool then allows the geologist to seamlessly request changes to the database.

About the Data Validation Tool

Fully validates data

Everyone has the confidence to work with rock solid, validated data, every time.

Tracked changes

Changes to the data as a result of validation are tracked in the database and not lost in emails.

Flexible validation

Validation logic is not locked to the database or to a front end, it allows geologists to apply different criteria for each project.

Moses Matema working on a geological database

Geological data validation tool FAQ’s

The validation tool is to be mainly used by the geologist after drilling is complete and all the data for the drill-hole is deemed to be in the database.

Examples of validation that can be carried out via the tool including checking lithologies and corresponding densities are within specified ranges or pick up coordinates are within a metre of planned coordinates.

Validations are done in sessions and sessions can be retrieved at any time by the session owner.

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