Produce government-ready reports from your geological data. Efficiently and accurately.

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Export compliance files in the correct format for the DMRIS, quickly and easily.

Australian state governments require the reporting of geological data collected on tenements and granted POWs. These reports include exports of the collected geological data in a specified TAB delimited format.

The production of these files can be tedious, time consuming and prone to error. Files can be returned for regeneration if they do not meet the requirements of the state government.

Our exporter allows you to filter data on tenements together with drill dates and sampling dates and generate the required export straight out of your database.

Why use DMPReporter

Easy exports

Fast and easy generation of exports from your database.

Government ready

Generation of compliant files that are unlikely to be returned by the state government.

Minimal admin

Save and reuse your projects, further reducing setup time.


DMPReporter FAQ’s

The exporter generates data in a format compatible with WA, NSW, Victoria and NT requirements.

The header data is either generated from the database or if you wish you can hardcode the data in the export.

The exporter works on DataShed, Geobank and acQuire data models. Creation of database views may be required to meet minimum schema requirements.

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