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Capture and submit sample preparation and analysis information with confidence.

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Sample Dispatch

Our Sample Dispatch Tool ensures your sampling teams can dispatch samples seamlessly.

Our Sample Dispatch software allows data managers to pre-configure templates with information about protocols, recipients for queries, results and invoices.

Your in-field sampling team can then select a template, generate a new dispatch, add the samples for analysis and send everything to the laboratory.

What can you do with our Sample Dispatch Tool?

Cross check your data

Your dispatch information is stored in the database and received results can be cross-checked against it.

Save time with templates

The use of templates will save you time in generating the dispatch and emailing it

Track the process

The tool will bring visibility to your sample dispatch process and give the users the ability to track information

Principal Consultant Moses Matema on a Zoom call.

Sample Dispatch Tool FAQ’s

You can prepare a sample list file in the recommended format and import it to a sample dispatch.

All contract information, including unit costs per analysis, is captured in the tool and can be used to generate dummy invoices and other reports.

The dispatch tool has its own schema and is independent of your database. However it can be integrated with your database.

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